Why Dualbrand?


From the XJ to the Defender we see Jaguar's and Land Rover's not simply as a cars, but  icons of the road and maintaining, repairing and in many cases owning them has been our passion for over 30 years


Jag Auto's was established in 1990 by Martin Owens, a trained apprentice at the City's Hatfeild Jaguar dealership, departing Hatfeilds with the passion and knowledge to go independent - Jag Auto's was created.

For many years Jag Autos operated in Goodison servicing and maintaining Jaguars and Land Rovers, well known in the Jaguar community as small Independent expert. Our passion grew, often caught up in complicated projects with iconic classics and fault finding on the most difficult but sought after models.


With a team of skilled technicians from other well known dealerships we expanded our premises over a number of years to accommodate a total of 6 lifting bays, offering greater capacity and availability. With constant investment in the latest technology and tooling to keep pace with new models and drivetrains.

We are well positioned as an independent service centre to offer the same high level of experience and expertise at dealership level with the passion and due-care synonymous with an independent specialist. We often operate at peak capacity which is evidence of our service quality.

its in our blood

UNOFFICIAL home of jaguar Land Rover

Since Ford's repurpose of Halewood for Jaguar Land Rover production, Liverpool has maintained an attraction and love for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, that makes us best placed as leading Independent specialist
Experienced team
Highly qualified team of mechanics trained at Jaguar Land Rover
Advanced Tools
Advanced systems and tools to ensure accurate diagnosis and precision repairs
Central location
City centre based and within walking distance of a major train terminal.
Whilst our focus is on the customer - that shouldnt mean a compromise on cost or quality, we focus on the vehicle ensuring quality repairs with genuine parts.
We only ever use Genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts fitted in accordance with manufacturer specifications
Efficient service AND TURNAROUND
By booking online we're able to offer an effiecent turnaround on our services and plan vehicles in accordingly.


Save upto 40% on servicing costs compared to Jaguar Land Rover main dealers. Same parts, same service - without the same price.

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